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August 17, 2005


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Dear Sir,

I am very interesetet in this method to learn. Unfortunately i do not have enough money for a course. Are there books to buy or is this the same method as our "Photo-REading" in Germany?

I look forward to receiving your answer soon.

Please write to

Sakari Turunen, PhotoReading Instructor from Finland

Thank you, Steve!

I thoroughly liked your article. Especially, I enjoyed how you emphasized the point of how it's important to understand and use both your brain and heart. Passion and motivation are powerful forces when you fully tap into them.

As far as high-speed learning is concerned, how much have you dugg into the methods and techniques of Accelerated Learning?

As a PhotoReading Instructor this is what I most often work with: how to speed up learning on both the individual and corporate level.

Sakari Turunen,
PhotoReading Instructor From Finland
Free videos on PhotoReading at

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