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October 08, 2005


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hello people

Elizabeth Talor

eCVB1k A number of universities have awarded her honorary degrees, and she earned a prestigious job on the staff of Detroit congressman John Conyers. In 1988 Roxanne Brown noted: "Thirty-two years after she attracted international attention for sparking the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Mrs. Parks's ardent devotion to human rights still burns brightly, like a well-tended torch that ignites her spirit and calls her to service whenever she is needed."



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These people obviously believe what they've been trying to prove. The discussion is all about, as near as I can tell, how to present the evidence in such a convincing way that the opposition will be forced to concede. There is no suggestion that they are intentionally perpetrating a fraud. And there is certainly no evidence that they are trying to hide anything any more than a ball player is entitled to hide his tactical intentions. They fully intend to play by the rules, they just want to make sure that the opposition has to follow the same rules. Peer-reviewed journals are supposed to act as the umpire.


story telling is an art.One should know the best thing about this art.The way one explains this makes this art effective.

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story telling is an art

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Oh Really It is art


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You claim that there is a disconnect between savings and investment. That may occur in monetary terms, but not in capital terms. This does not imply that a commensurate amount of capital is siting idle. It instead means that those whose cash is not idle have a greater purchasing power. Thanks


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Its important because this will feel the story just how they happen and the only way is by telling the story that is the only way .

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Hey Man,
You have provides amazing aspects about "Story telling"..... It's very interesting and very helpful for everybody.... Thanks for the share.....

Alda Luba

wide and wise quote,Steve;
usually I add to all these you pointed out:

Storytelling is economic !!!!

Storytelling is eoologically correct !!!!

Storytelling does not depend on
eletric power: if a black out happens you keep telling!!!!

Storytelling has it own power!!!!

Alda Luba
"Organic Storytelling"

(certified by the School of Storytelling - Emerson College - Forest Row)


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we still have too long of a bedtime routine as far as i’m concerned. book, story, song, goodnight friends. i tried to eliminate the story a little while ago (we always make it up together on the fly)—and soon noticed that without the story, my son was changing the words to the song. made me realize that he missed the opportunity to stretch his imagination and riff with his mama. so we’re keeping it. for now, at least!

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Nice Tips......
Storytelling is more important.....
it's easy to understand the purpose of the story telling

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