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November 17, 2007


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Eric Wolf

I interviewed Steve Denning on the The knowledge-based organization and using stories to embody and transfer knowledge. He spoke about his work at the World Bank and his various books. I think your readers might be interested in listening to the hour long audio interview at...

Thanks for coming on the show!

Eric Wolf

Jonathan Frye at Leadership Jot

I am thinking about adding this book to my reading list. I've always taken a strong interest in the use of communication in leadership; it certainly is important. So many leaders have learned the hard way that effect communication is different than clear communication. Effective communication focuses on getting the results of the purpose for communicating. Communication and the use of language is a great skill for leaders to master.

Jim Abbondante

Very interesting! I had someone ask me what I thought leadership was and I explained that 'results-oriented' leadership (especially in a business environment) is not only about being consistent in your demonstration of what 'good' looks like, but it's all about finding ways to further increase the 'real' return you're able to receive on what you're investing in your people while you're working together with them on a daily basis to get the job done on behalf of the customer or client. I explained that leadership involves discovering new and more effective ways to create even greater opportunities for growth and success on the part of each one of your people, your team as a whole, your company, and also your customers and/or clients. Leadership is all about you being in the driver's seat when it comes to you 'being' and 'doing' whatever it takes to insure the success of anyone and everyone who has a vested interest in your organization's success. There's a lot more to demonstrating and providing genuine leadership than most people in leadership positions realize.


Seems a lot of todays leaders struggle with the idea of leaderrshipo, and just want to mange the status quo. While leadership is often thought of a vague subject, it's really a lifelong journey of self-improvement in the area of leading teams to achieving your goals. we can all improve our leadership through the study of the principles and some self-awareness and the willingness to apply these ideas in our teams.

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