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May 31, 2010


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Sharon McGann

Thanks Steve, a very relevant message - especially juxtaposed with the Jeremy Rifkin YouTube video on empathic civilisation. What I take away is that when the purpose is important enough, our little selves banding together, have the possibility of achieving our human potential.
Cheers, Sharon

Barb Bickford

Steve -- You have aptly described the shift from the illusion of power to a powerful life.

Karen Dempster

I like this. It is very true. The shift from "self" to "issues" focus is one that requires great bravery, I believe. It is also collaborative, which is hard for some of us, as there must be multiple like-minded catalysts engaged as otherwise the change has a potential to be swamped still.


Great message Steve. It points to the idea that the meaning of life is to live a 'personally' meaningful life with empathic power rather than authoritarian power. As Karen commented, there is a shift from "self" to "issues"; however, the self is not completely eliminated. It is a transformed self that moves from self-ish to a self-issues.

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