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June 06, 2010


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One of my favorites tests of a good goal is the "champagne test." In essence, how will your people know to crack open the champagne and celebrate reaching the goal?

johanna kroon

Hi Steve, thanks for this interesting article. What I would like to know is how these principles apply to public organisations such as the police, child protection services, government agencies etc. How can people who work in such organisations ever delight their customers?
Many greetings from Amsterdam,
Johanna Kroon

Steve Denning

Thanks for the question, which I addressed in a new blog post.

Midge Miles

Thanks, David for the great quote on the champagne test. I resonated with its wisdom because I have seen too many missed opportunities in workplaces for meaningful ritual. Projects just seem to morph into another one without even so much as a pause for acknowledgment the ending of something and beginning of another. A lot of my work is about encouraging leaders to understand the benefits of segmenting work projects and celebrating or ritualizing the ending of each.

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