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July 08, 2010


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Steve very interesting stuff – big fan of Ken Clarke and Civilisation and the sister programmes of the era – Bronowski et al.

Whilst I agree with you on the issue of scale I find the concept ironic in an era of expanding connectivity. The ability for small networks to collaborate and scale and compete has never been greater, but at the same time the technologies that enable this also seem to be running counter to some of the human Dunbar limits and, for me at least, eroding their value. So for example LinkedIn networks are now in some cases so large as to be of no value or meaning as the trust tagging associated with them is worn to valueless. This is not limited to LinkedIn – lots of other networks seem to suffer the degradation of relationship value. Do you think there is a tension here?

Steve Denning

Tescape--Yes, The new social media are in some tension with the quality of interaction. Yet at the same time, in some ways the quality of interaction is also a lot better. The fact that you and I are having this interesting conversation is something that couldn't have happened ten years ago. Yet if I were to receive a thousand such comments, I would have difficulty responding to them all. But overall, there is more and better conversation than before--at least, that's what I perceive.

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