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July 05, 2010


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Rachel Prosser

Thanks Steve for trying the new format.

Have you considered converting your blogs into podcast form?

I find podcast a good medium for stuff with the kind of depth you go into.

At the moment your posts tend to be longer than a standard blogs I read - too long to scan in a reader. My preference.

The length is perfect for podcast though (think Alistair Cooke's Letter from America - Steve Denning's letter from Radical Management)

Good on you for experimenting with the format. Personally, I don't watch videos very often - I'm a multi-tasker and get impatient, as a video demands that I both look and listen to the same thing)

Brad Fallon

What we assert should either be prove personally valid or it should be discarded. In the workplace, what you will expect from the outcome of your job is neither perfect nor failure but it all depends on the approval of your boss.:)

Steve Denning


The boss is ... the customer, not the manager.


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