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July 27, 2010


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Ben Verleg

Thank you Steve. Do you think the question now is also about taking cultural values seriously?

Steve Denning

Ben--Yes! This is all about values. For most public sector institutions, the cultural values are: we have a job to do and we are going to do it, regardless. You don't like it? Well, it's up to you, pal: change the law! In effect, it's up to someone else to decide what we do and then we will just do it. Automatons.

Radical management is about everyone taking responsibility for what is being done and asking: who is it being done for? Is it meeting their needs? Can it be done better? Sooner? Cheaper? When people don't ask those questions, you end up with Vietnams, with financial meltdowns, with Gulf oil spills, and so on. It's a radically different set of cultural values.

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