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August 31, 2010


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John Tropea

Everyone is a knowledge worker as we are always dealing or improvising with exceptions to process for various contexts and situations...and we can always improve. Yes there is a difference between improvement and innovation.

Your post really reminded me of my post on the Janitor as knowledge worker, check it out:

Steve Denning


Great post on the janitor as knowledge worker. Thanks for flagging this.

It aligns so well with the the Toyota quote that I love: "There is no such thing as unskilled labor. There is only work to which intelligence has yet to be applied."


Imelda McGrattan

Excellent post. The HR departments advertise, interview, recruit, train the employee to do the job that needs to be done today. The management / Leaders should then be asking the workers to analyse the job and let them know how it can be done better tomorrow !!

People are hired for their intelligence and then we neglect to let them use it to innovate the process they are working on ..... Says more about the Leaders ........

Ronald van Domburg

I live in the Netherlands and we also see the movement from traditional checkout clerk in the supermarket to selfscanning. I like this, because it saves me time and standing in a queue.
What I don't see is that the role of the clerk is becoming more client oriented. In fact, I sometimes have the feeling, that it is even more difficult to find a clerk, when I have a question. A smart organization uses this development to enhance the service and not only to lower the costs...

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Anyone needs innovation, especially in this fast growing economy.

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