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August 29, 2010


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Mike Cohn

Great arguments, Steve. I am very much looking forward to your new book.

Elizabeth Woodward

I was fairly surprised and more than a little disturbed a while back when I spoke with a manager who told me that it wasn't his department's responsibility to be innovative... that was another group's responsibility. And, it was interesting to see his people taking measures to covertly innovate in that environment... I wish I were kidding! Thanks for a great article.

Mike Shipulski

Lencioni is an idiot. He looks at the surface of things. Innovation can (and should) happen at all levels. Though everyone does not have the same level of responsibility, they have a similar responsibility to innovate within their domain.

Steve Denning


I don't think Lencioni is an idiot. He has written some interesting books. But this particular article heads in the wrong direction. Maybe he was asked to write it? I agree with you that innovation should happen at all levels.

Yet look at this another way. Maybe the fact that we have BusinessWeek publishing an article saying we need less innovation, or Harvard Business Review publishing an article saying we should stop trying to delight our clients may indicate that the forces of traditional management feel under siege? Maybe it's a positive sign that we're actually getting some traction?


Imelda McGrattan

Excellent post. The HR departments advertise, interview, recruit, and train the employee to do the job that needs to be done today.

The management / Leaders should then be asking the workers to analyse the job and let them know how it can be done better tomorrow !!

People are hired for their intelligence and then we neglect to let them use it to innovate the process they are working on ..... Says more about the Leaders ........

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