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September 26, 2010


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Gerry Lantz

Just a great damn post. What encourages me most is that you are not "a lonely reed crying in the desert" but there is a groundswell of voices pushing for fundamental change. Now how can this new thinking be lashed to power because without economic and political power (and proof, which you keep citing), ain't nothing going to happen.
Washington is a charade on both sides of the aisle--citizens come first gets lip service but money and power is honored. Why is anyone surprised at the rise of the Tea Parties. The people who are stoking their anger are in fact the problem--on both sides of the aisle.
The whole system is rigged against those with the least power and the least money--yet we are urged to "buy" and elect those with the most vested interest in maintaining the charade. It's a cruel game where platitudes and non-thinking are rewarded over pragmatic and tough-minded decisions and sacrifices.


One issue. In the chart called "Track we are currently on" it says "War on rich". That's not really accurate or fair. It's much more a "War by the rich".

Steve Denning

Hi Lotus Man,

The text of my blog was too cryptic. The war is going in both directions. There is a war by the rich: The rich are making war on the poor, through WSJ, Fox News and the rest.

At the same time there is a war on the rich: the Democrats will be increasingly making war on the rich. They will try to claw back gains made by the rich over the past few decades.

The latter war will only get worse unless there is change in the basic economics. When the size of the economic pie doesn't increase, then it becomes a zero sum game and there are no winners.

To resolve the problem, you have to increase the size of the economic pie.

Thanks for pointing to this lack of clarity.


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