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September 12, 2010


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Ralf Westphal

I agree there could be more jobs if accounting were not so stubbornly cost-oriented.

But in the end the root problem is, I guess, "thinking in terms of jobs" at all.

Unemployment will not be solved by changing the accounting method but only be rethinking work fundamentally. We need to decouple work from money.

There is enough work to be done. But there is not enough money to pay for all that work.

So we need to find a solution which provides people with enough money to sustain themselves and then on top a bit - so they can and will do all the work that´s there waiting for us to be done.

A guaranteed unconditional basic income seems to be the only way to go, I´d say. Plus, of cource, empowerment of people to actually unfold and use their potential.


So how do you decide which system is right for you? Without a personal consultation and a look at your house and locality.

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