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November 17, 2010


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Ray Brown

Hi Steve Great post thank you. Great distillation of the themes that many of us are seeing in the market. I see it as the sales and marketing skills of B2B and B2C being supplemented by what I call the B2Me or "farming" skills in business. Listening to customers and employees in Vineet Nayar's "value zone" is becoming a key business competency.


Focusing on management as the source of the problem is narrow and short sighted since management does not operate in a vacuum. The Capitalist System, as practiced today, has failed would be more accurate. And the characteristics of Capitalism most at fault are Greed and non-sustainable Growth. These two form a vicious cycle since greed can only be satisfied by growth, which fuel more greed , …

All System are bounded be they natural or artificial. Capitalism is artificial and the boundaries are established by Governments and the foundational rules are flawed. Specifically, the rule that requires a public corporation to maximize profits is at the core of greed-growth cycle. When is enough, enough?

Life is a zero sum game… Once all the resources are gone so are we!


How these five shifts interdependent each other?

Belstaff Coat

I "like" you on Facebook. Would love these for my oldest boy!


Isn't trying to enumerate all the things that need to change to enable less formalized and more creative ways of doing things into 5 "shifts" a contradiction in itself? Aren't you trying to formalize the ways to "deformalize"? Why not just say that efficient management and efficient businesses is an art form rather than a precise science? The devil is always in the details. You have to strike a delicate balance between formal and informal and this balance is likely be different for different companies depending on lots of factors including personalities. Speaking of Apple, Steve Jobs was never shy to make authoritative decisions.


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My take is that the problem is not so much that Agile and Scrum don't t scale. We now have many examples of large-scale implementations of Agile.

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