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November 30, 2010


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Karl Hebenstreit

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. His writing reminds me of Heinz Pagels, who coincidentally was a co-founder of the Edge Foundation:

"Reason dreams of an empire of knowledge, a mansion of the mind. Yet sometimes we end up living in a hovel by its side. Reason has shown us our capacity for power, both to create and to destroy. Yet how we use that power rests on our deeper capacities which lie beyond the reach of reason, beyond our traditions and culture, stretching far back into the depths of the evolutionary process that created our species, a process that ultimately asserts the power of life over death."

Steve Denning


Thanks for this. Very moving. Makes me want to read more of Pagels.

The Edge Foundation website overall, alas, will not win the prize for the world's most beautiful blog.


Anthony Lawlor

Thanks Steve for your kind mention of my blog and
thanks Karl for your insightful comment.

I didn't know about Heinz Pagels and the Edge Foundation. Thanks for the connection. I'll look into his work. Perhaps inhabiting the edge we encounter the shared wisdom that deepens our humanity and helps us navigate the terrain of this world.

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