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December 04, 2010


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Deb Mills-Scofield

One of my most wonderful clients is a great example of laughter - we smile a lot, laugh a lot, jest - and the guy that runs the place we have off-site meetings comments all the time how whenever the Menasha folks come in, it's always happy, everyone smiles and he hears laughter - what a joy - can't directly related amount of laughter to amount of innovation, but sure seems like a link! Here's link -

Graeme Roberts

I completely agree. Toxic organizations never laugh. Mediocrity is inversely proportional to sense of humor squared.

Connie Williams

There are strong connections between humor and creativity that have been supported by many academic studies since the 50's. At Synectics, we speak about creativity as a function of both the climate and thinking of an organization, while innovation adds a commitment to action, so fun, laughter and humor all contribute to more powerful innovation results. One of the most interesting connections is that both humor and creativity (and innovation) have surprise in them -- so the ha ha leads to the Aha! I totally agree that the more fun, the more laughter you see, the more likely the organization is to be innovative. It's undeniable!

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