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December 12, 2010


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David Glover

No Steve, you're not alone. And forgive me for being a real pedant by pointing out the distinction between "typefaces" - the form of the characters on the page or screen; and "fonts" - the medium which carries the typeface. So you buy a font (a digital file these days) in order to use the typeface. Hmm, it sounds even more pedantic when I try to explain!

Thanks for introducing Blambot to me. Now I can spend (waste?) more time looking at their typefaces.

Have you discovered the P22 font foundry ( They have fabulous fonts derived from the handwriting of Cezanne, da Vinci, Frank Lloyd Wright and the writers of the Declaration of Independence. I've given a few as gifts and they've been hugely appreciated.


Once a typelover, always a typelover. There is no return.

You should check out some of the typefaces that are used in editorial design settings such as the Scotch face Miller by Matthew Carter (Georgia's print twin) available at Font Bureau.

Then there are classically inspired faces such as Requiem by Jonathan Hoefler, available at, as well as non-historical forms such as the typeface used by Esquire called Mercury, also at

A new star in the type design world is Christian Schwartz. See his designs for the Guardian and others at

Another favorite of mine is Gerard Unger,, who makes absolutely stunning typefaces for print and now for the Web. Check out Capitolium, in particular.

Steve Denning


Luscious new fonts. Wow! Now that is a Christmas present. Thanks so much for this lovely gift.



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The closest to what I am looking for that I have found so far is Atland from Blambot.

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Message Board Posts

Anyways, here begins my week. Currently working 2 nights since I had to suspend one of several グッチ 激安 店舗 evening girls. Ugg! For this reason I've not been on significantly. Function.

Has anyone グッチ メンズ 正規品 carried out グッチ 財布 メンズ Paleo?? Contemplating it.

Hope all of you will have a better start out CHANEL 財布 チェーン towards the week than I'm!!! :)

Take care and can try to check in on all of you later. Should look back and read the days posts

I am not a fan of texting and not suitable to text someone that you are sick and not coming in.

Susiesounds like you had a great ティファニー店舗 time at the cousins weekend. did Jackie bring Landon with her to the occasion? I understand that I just should keep focused and I can do eliminate シャネル バッグ コピー much グッチ メンズ 正規品 of my weight. many times it's so difficult to think about losing 100 pounds that I just want to jump into selfpity. Then I realize, I that particular person that place the weight on, I'm the person that have to take it off.

Not significantly around the agenda nowadays. I started cleaning cupboards inside the kitchen and throwing away stuff which has expiredvitamins and so on. I'm scrubbing down the inside and outdoors of the cupboards. UGH! This is what teachers do on summer time break once they セイコークロック no longer have kids at dwelling.

Tomorrow I am going to my amazing niece daycare to start some speech therapy lessons with her. I saw her a couple weekends ago and I assume I figured out her errors. The day care is getting awesome about my coming in to the facility and functioning with her. They're giving me a private space. My nephew and wife are so grateful but what I retain telling them is, I get to commit time with my superb niece and play. What could be significantly more entertaining than that!

It has ultimately stopped raining right here. There had been 500,000 people today without having electrical energy. We're nevertheless storing our friends グッチ バッグ 新作 meals. They most likely won have power until tomorrow or Wednesday.

Well, must get my move on.

Have a fantastic day all.

And all my other WW Buddies.

Jeri nice function on cleaning the cupboards. I tossed a bunch meds final week when I had that cold. I didn even realized I nevertheless had that stuff up there. Sad so much dollars down the drain.

Kaye I feel for you with employee matters. My DH has precisely the same challenges グッチ バッグ 新作 in some cases. Nevertheless he doesn must cover for them.

It stormed overnight my DH woke me up at 3:30 and I struggled to obtain back to sleep. Not to セイコー ブライツ mention the dog was suitable in among us given that it was thundering so loud. Another furry blanket I did not will need.

Jackie need to discover out by Wednesday if she gets a individual in particular person interview. They've two openings at blank young children hospital. Jeri they have 9 speech therapist on staff. What a studying chance.

We're praying she can get among the list of exactly the same グッチ バッグ 新作 just looked it up ルイヴィトン バッグ 新作 2013 open position.

I believe they could drill the holes for the footings on our new space today. I guess it will depend on the rain.

Must bump up my exercising this week simply to maintain from the weekend. Why do I do that.

Okay hope absolutely everyone includes a great day.

Hi Ladies Kay I feel for you, would hate having to cover for employees. I guess that is why I like just getting and hourly associate. No tension just swipe your badge in and swipe it to leave woo hoo. =0) I have never ever heard with the Paleo diet plan just looked it up. I have to just stick to WW myself. I assume my body is so messed up with all of the yo yo dieting I have completed that I should just stick to a single thing. But let us know what you consider it and how it operates for you personally. =0)

Jeri we would enjoy to have several of the rain you and Susie are finding it appears to either head north or south of us. Definitely looked like we were going to obtain some at present but now the sun is out and method to ティファニー指輪 hot and muggy. I want we could have spring and fall all year extended. =0) I ought to clean my cupboards happen to be placing it off, one of these jobs you need to be in the mood to perform. How great for the outstanding niece, she will probably be having some speech therapy and acquiring to devote time with you. The right aspect is it will be exciting for each of you.

Susie glad to hear you had a fantastic time with cousins. Right here you believed you would get a fantastic セイコー腕時計 メンズ nights sleep getting back property LOL the dog and DH took that notion out of play. =) Oh wouldn that be the most beneficial job ever for Jackie prayers for her for confident. I forgot you had a daughter Anne does she reside close by? It to poor she didn prefer to CHANEL 財布 2013 go with you this final week end.

Well obtaining a challenging time acquiring my methods in right now. Feeling like a slug it's so muggy right here that when you go outdoors the sweat just rolls. Tomorrow I've to go back to function UGH that week on lay off went solution to speedy. So glad I only need to operate a 6 days then off for five. Ok properly I ought to get the lead out of my bottom and do one thing. Have a fantastic day will CBL tonight.

Among our MD is on the Paleo eating plan. He seems to seriously like it, I couldn do it.

I'm not that a great deal into meat, so I too will stick with WW. I know that you can easily ルイヴィトン 財布 新作 2013 consume the vegetables as well, but he appears to eat largely ティファニー 指輪 値段 salads, no dressing, extremely small beef, chicken, and fish.



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