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December 22, 2010


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Hello Steve, What a great post! I also believe that it's all about people. Today, two centuries of domination of the US and Europe are coming to an end. To resist against the overwhelming emerging countries the west needs real innovation. Easier said than done? Maybe not when we focus on people.I am currently in the process of writing about about this called 'The New Trade'. I believe that the new trade is about linked peer-to-peer stories. Linking your stories to that of peers can help you convince other people, keeping the forefront in your business and helping you in realising finally the so much needed work-life balance.
More info here:
I am also crowdfunding the book. All help is welcome on:


Hi Steve, congratulations on a great post and an inspiring call to action!

It seems strange that we've somehow forgotten that all business is based on human nature and emotions. The Awesome Companies of the future will be driven by happy, engaged and motivated people. People that feel appreciated and valued for their contributions. People that are inspired by storytelling and recognition.

From our vantage point in working with some of the world's most successful organizations, this shift is fundamental, real and already underway. We'd love to play a role in accelerating it, so let us know how we can help.

Eclipse Awards



A BHAG indeed! I've spent nearly 7 years trying to create such a culture within one corporation. Therefore, what you might need, pragmatically, in order to achieve your "new year resolution" is a similar "change agent" within each of the organizations you are trying to affect that is connected to your cause. These change agents would need to be passionate, empowered, and capable to drive such changes in their organization (whether they have support for these or not). If you start with ~500 such leaders, and you organize them properly, I think you'll have enough that would make it through to the end to meet your objective - of making this "real".

I've signed up to the Google group - sounds like a worthy challenge.


Steve Denning


Thanks for the input. Wow! I don't think I could have expressed it better.

What I would add is that the forces in favor of maintaining the status quo are not going to sit around quietly and watch this revolution happen. So a very active campaign is going to be needed to counteract their efforts to keep things as they are. I have been doing some of this on my blog and will be doing more of it very shortly. Stay tuned!


kare anderson

Storytelling often carries the kernel of truth in unexpected ways that startle them seem obvious.

Memorable stories have vividly specific detail in a world prone to general conclusions, mixing the familiar with the unfamiliar.

It helps to be surrounded by people who don't act right - like you - so you can see and hear (through them) different sides of the same situation.

For 2011 and onward I vow to speak English like it tastes good and to look around for more languages of words and images to pull me into new adventures and insights - with others like you Steve.

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