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December 06, 2010


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I found this a few years ago and it changed my perspective on how to design solutions to problems. Sometimes there is a quick fix - other times you can only make the situation better (or worse).

It seems like approaches such as story telling and agile management come into their own when dealing with wicked problems that do not have a quick fix.

Steve Denning


That's a very interesting paper. Thanks for citing it. And yes, I agree that little problems can indeed have quick fixes.

I guess my point is that management is itself a wicked problem. Most managers can't see what the problem is, let alone find the solution. The fact is that traditional management practices *are* the problem. The solution is not "better management", which only makes things worse. I wrote about that here:

The solution is managing in a radically different way. And that is a lot more than a simple quick fix.


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