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January 06, 2011


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Gerry Lantz

I have read this post twice now and wanted to say thank you for frying the big fish--I don't mean Porter, et al, but the big issues of radical change that will create business expansion.

I watch a lot of companies from afar (and some in their hallways) and most appear absolutely convinced they are delighting their customers. Focus groups, promise tests, and clever taglines are not enough to create true customer value.

Note today's headlines on BP's latest leak--pls god when will companies say what they mean and do what they say? Notice now how all bank and financial service institutions are begging for our trust--as if saying the words will make it happen.

Good on you for prodding corporate
America to make the intentional and structural changes to delight customers, employees, investors and society. Your thinking and practice gives me hope.

Jonathan Carr

Mr. Denning:

Would you like to review a book about truly fixing what is wrong with the capitalist economy? We can stabilize the economy, make it work for every person, and make it easily exportable to even the most unstable society. Take a look:

Henrique Lyra Maia

Brilhant article. I´ll just correct one conceptual mistake you had commited, if you will.

The concept that Strategy must have a choice - according to Porter - is related to the value proposition (positioning) of the company, not for interelated issues with company and the society. This dimension of decision don´t follow the other concept for strategy.

Actualy, many criticises to Porter´s ideas lay down in a flawed understanding of he´s opinion.

Thank you for your contribution.

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