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January 23, 2011


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Dave Duggal

Great post Steve. Coordination is the new means of execution. The dynamic interaction of loosely-coupled resources self-organizing to meet a goal guided by values. In addition to the recent works of the authors you cite, I'd add Malone's Theory of Coordination and Beer's Viable System Model. I'm sure these seminal works influenced the others.


Can we start by setting up the appropriate environment?


Steve, I enjoyed one of your presentations given at a mgt. retreat for my organization. I said then and, I believe that it bears saying here that there's a war going on in most organizations between the "engineers" and the "artists." The engineers push ISO900x, ISO27001, ISO2000/ITIL practices, PMBOK best-practices, and live by cost-acctg. metrics.

These practices are designed to eliminate defects and errors of ommission, but they also engineer out all but the most determined project champion. My teams and I spend twice as much time on compliance activities as we do on product development.

Eventually the life is snuffed out of any software development or process redesign when these practices/practices dominate the product development lifecycle.

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