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January 27, 2011


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I think it was Jack Hermansen who said "Insights can only be communicated by parable." and you are not allowed to tell anyone the moral to your story. They have to "get it" or not on their own with their own connections.
Don't they?

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Bruce Mackay

As I get older I have seen where the managers at my work place change into way more diplomatic managment but the sad reality they from the formans to the superintendants and even general managment still have to go to the head office to make the simplist decision.This is a very silly and time wasteing practice. Not to say it is insulting to middle managers it must really be a pain for them .

supra foot

Super cute! My little man would look so stylin' in those!


SPARQL is inherently platform independent. Like SQL, the query language and the backend database engine are distinct. Database clients capture SPARQL queries which are then passed on to compliant backend databases.


Fascinating, your insights into the world of management are quite amazing.

Mike Edwards

Fantastic management ideas. Should be required reading for all aspiring MBA's

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Great ideas, thanks for sharing.

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男生感到很奇怪: 亲嘴和大姨妈有什么关系? 于是男生强吻女友,突然一妇女从厨房冲出来!妇女指着男生骂道: 为什么欺负我的外甥女?!

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