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January 18, 2011


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Ann Fry

Great article and while I believe in delighting customers ... there's an underlying tenet. The key to delighting customers is delighting employees. I've always thought that the magic key to customer service is employee service. If you keep your employees happy, they will then, take care of your customers. Many companies forget that piece.

Steve Denning


I agree that delighting employees is a key to delighting customers. Unhappy employees will never delight customers.

But I am less sure that if you simply focus on delighting employees, they will automatically delight customers. I've seen many examples of happy employees doing their own thing and not paying enough attention to what would delight customers. (You see this a lot in R&D where the research becomes an end in itself.) The result can be that the firm goes down the tubes.

So I think you need to do both: make employees happy through delighting customers. The customer is the boss.


Daryll Bellingham

Great article. That word 'delight' is both powerful and empowering. It can lead to healthy industry and so much personal health and well being.

The Hermes Birkin

I'd be interested in hearing. The TOS seems rather clear that it is not unless expressly approved by Amazon. I guess if the library got it in writing then they would be ok.

Grover Muppet

I agree that customers must be delighted. But that is a consequence of a well-formulated and well-executed business goal, not the goal itself. Satisfying under-served but desired outcomes rings truer as a way to continuous provide new value to customers. Apple does that, by doing your #1, 3, 5, and 9, but not your #2, 4, or 8.

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