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January 22, 2011


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Tom Asacker

Excellent post Steve! And I would add: Those that are boldly creating the future and those that are hopelessly stuck in the past.

Chanel J12

Adversity toughens him as well as wounding him.I'm a strong believer in strong personalities and strong opinions

Martin Price

Would that there were simply two kinds of enterprise (or organisation). If such polarity was a reality, we would find a way to nail the bastards!

No. It is a matter of being both customer-centric and results-centric as well. Success depends upon both delighting customers and making a living ...and to profit from that.

Steve Denning

Hi Martin,

I agree that the piece has an element of rhetorical simplification. But it does reflect a basic reality of the 20th Century corporation that, for all the talk about being customer-centric, that was at best "optional". When it came to the crunch, what really mattered was whether you met the bottom line and delivered the goods.

I wrote about this in connection with Robert McNamara at the World Bank: He talked a good game but everyone knew that the bottom line was: deliver the lending program or else. It wasn't possible to have a discussion about tradeoffs.

The new organization can't operate with that level of non-transparency. It can't delight clients unless it is radically transparent.

Hence I do think the dichotomy has a certain usefulness. And I find that the question is one that most people find fairly easy to answer.



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