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February 18, 2011


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Health News

Thank you for introducing me the wonderful information.And .....Totally boring.!

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I want to join this program but my place if very far from the location where the program will be conducted. I'm a teacher and I do teach my students on language. I always tell them the real meaning of using it.


Good idea! Thank you very much for this excellent explanation.

J. K. K.

Hi Steve,

I wish that there was something like this down in Australia. The power of telling stories has always had enormous power throughout the ages. If anyone thinks that this humble form of communication is obsolete in this day and age, they are sorely mistaken.

Combine that with the need to inspire and motivate large masses and you've got yourself a conference that is a no-brainer. Methinks I should deviate a little and now write a post at my blog about the power of story telling in management.

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I like ANMJ on FB & just subscribed to the email feed! :)

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i went to the same school as patrick. i remeber those girls from my school who wrote in. they were white trash...i always felt so bad for them.

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Go for someone who makes you smile because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright.

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Go for someone who makes you smile because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright.

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My take is that the problem is not so much that Agile and Scrum don't t scale. We now have many examples of large-scale implementations of Agile.

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of the Orange Police Department, was single and had no children. The funeral will be at 11 a.m. Thursday at St. Matthew's A.M.E. Church, 336 Oakwood Ave., Orange. Visiting will be Wednesday at the church.A Jersey City cop killed himself last night with a bullet in the head after shooting a woman at least five times outside his stationhouse, authorities said. The woman was takento Jersey City Medical Center, where doctors said she was in "very critical" condition, according to Stan Eason, a spokesman for Mayor Glenn Cunningham. Cunningham, a former cop, gave a brief and sketchy press conference at the scene. The cop's name was not released immediately. Cunningham said the officer was declared dead at the scene. 'Domestic' matter Eason said the violence grew out of a "domestic dispute," but did not elaborate. Several members of the dead cop's family, including a woman weeping "my husband, my husba
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tholic organization. Larry Monachelli, a retired Fire Department captain who heads the society's breakfast committee, said the society lost 76 members on Sept. 11. Grieving goes on "It's very different this year," Monachelli said. "But everyone felt the need to come." After the Mass, firefighters and their families said they found comfort in Egan's words. "I thought it was a nice sermon," said Capt. Jim Costello, a firefighter with the 6th Division, before falling into file amid the procession. "He told us that we shouldn't just be inspired, but inspiring," he added. Rita Murphy, 38, whose husband is a firefighter with Ladder 36 in Inwood, agreed. "I thought it was lovely and fitting," she said. "It was so nice that the cardinal remembered the firefighters today."Edward Cardinal Egan apologized to parishioners about "mistakes" that might have been made in the handling of sexual-abuse allegations
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instruments are imbued with that X-factor that we recognize as art. So the secret died with him."Some of the city's most dangerous high schools are still wide open to intruders - despite promises of tough new security measures, a Daily News investigation found. Reporters easily slipped into six of 15 high schools that the city had pledged to seal tight with extra safety agents or surveillance cameras. Some examples: A reporter breezed right past a guard chatting on a cell phone at Graphic Arts High School in Manhattan. A line at the security desk kept a reporter from just walking into Evander Childs HS in the Bronx - until he cut around the line without being stopped. At Brooklyn's Prospect Heights HS, a student held a side door open for a reporter, who wandered the hallways for 30 minutes. Inside, the fifth floor was ripe with the distinctive scent of marijuana smoke. The reporter purposely got


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livencia of 751 Herkimer St. in Brownsville was charged early yesterday with attempted murder, assault, attempted assault and endangering the welfare of a child, 81st Precinct police said. The baby was reported in stable condition at St. John's Episcopal Hospital-Interfaith Medical Center in Brooklyn.The parents of a 13-year-old Brooklyn boy were arrested yesterday after they strapped their naked son to a chair and whipped him with a belt in front of neighbors, police said. The suspects, Arnaldo Arguello, 45, and his wife, Sonia, 29, wanted to "publicly humiliate" the boy because he had gotten in trouble for skipping school, cops said. Sgt. Robert Casaburi and Police Officer Guy Petersen learned of the beating when they were flagged down by several children in Borough Park about 4:15 p.m. "I couldn't believe it," Casaburi said. But when he got out of his car to investigate, he said he discovered
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atrzykow, as well as the text of President Clinton's letter to President Kwasniewski in honor of Polish independence day, Nov. 11....A long feature article by writer Jakub Cieckiewicz told about his Grandfather Marian, who fought in World War I, the Polish-Bolshevik war, World War IIand still managed to live to the ripe old age of 104....In the weekday editions, the paper reported that Gdansk priest Henryk Jankowskibarred from preaching for a year for declaring in a sermon that Jews have no place in the new Polish governmentremains unrepentant. Jankowski complained that the media has made him out to be an anti-Semite. He also said, "Poland is for Poles, and ethnic minorities should be respected."...On a lighter note, the paper tooted its own horn about the success of its 27th annual ball at the Roosevelt Hotel. Apparently, the tuxedo-clad gents and gown-clad ladies drew dozens of gawkers, all wan
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v up looking down the barrel of an off-duty cop's gun. Officer Eric Hernandez apparently mistook Brian Mu?oz for one of the men who had attacked him in the Bronx White Castle early yesterday, sources said. "Get down on the floor!" Hernandez screamed at Mu?oz, according to witnesses. "The dude came up and pointed a gun at me," Mu?oz said later. Witnesses said Hernandez swept Mu?oz's legs from under him and held him at gunpoint during the 5 a.m. chaos at the hamburger stand. "He was going to shoot me," Mu?oz said. A police source who reviewed security tape footage of the incident said that five men and a woman, all Hispanic, had pummeled Hernandez moments before. That likely contributed to Hernandez thinking Mu?oz was one of his attackers, the source said. But Mu?oz said he had merely tried to help Hernandez get up and away from his attackers during the beating. "My friend wasing to help him out," s


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attan with her husband, "Guiding Light's" Justin Deas, and their sons Daniel, 5, and Joseph, 11/2, said she accepted the role in part because she was able to liveand workin the city. "I have the best job in New Yorkthere was no down side. . . . I put my family through the ringer going out of town so much. And the kids aren't at an age where they're fascinated by the inside of a hotel room. "] I can go home to my husband and kids every night. . . . And I'm a better actor when I'm around them. If I can get better at what I love to do, and get paid for doing it, while being around my family, that's as good as it can get."'THE YOUNG PEOPLE'as we baby boomers now pathetically refer to humans in their teens, 20s and 30smay not know quite what to make of "VH1 Archives." On one level, they could write off the new series (premiering tonight at 9) as just another attempt to suck in us Aging Viewers w
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fic has become a burden to Hoboken residents," Russo said, citing the safety of city residents as the impetus for the diversion. Non-city cars entering Hoboken from the north at the Park Ave. and Willow Ave. bridges would be diverted around the city on the 14th St. Viaduct. The commuter ban would be in effect from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m.LONDONLong commuting and working overtime appear to cause pronounced heart rate variations that could trigger coronary problems, Japanese doctors warn. Dr. Takayuki Kageyama and colleagues at the National Institute for Environmental Studies in Ibaraki, Japan, studied the short-term heart rate variability (HRV) of 223 Japanese white-collar men at a Tokyo company. After taking into account the men's age, body mass index and smoking and drinking habits, they found that those who commuted 90 minutes or longer had more pronounced heart rate variations than their colleagues wh

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