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February 14, 2011


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Michael Williams

Great story, Steve. I saw it too and posted it on my blog Referred to it on 'Therapeutic Storytelling' at All Things Healing ( Thanks for spreading the word. I'll certainly keep following your news and urge people to learn more here.



I wonder if there is something about how therapeutic stories are constructed. Could improperly constructed narratives actually cause harm? In the language of epidemiology: is there a proper dose, frequency, and vector for the storytelling. Does it matter what the story is, how much story, and who is telling it?

Stan Yanakiev

Very interesting, Steve. Thanks for sharing.

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He is a good friend that speaks well of us behind our backs.

Coach Outlet

My take is that the problem is not so much that Agile and Scrum don't t scale. We now have many examples of large-scale implementations of Agile.

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