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February 23, 2011


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Of course we realize that Amazon is prominently an online giant where as Walmart bases most of its revenue in Brick and Morter type stores, in which case Walmart has to pay to ship its product to them therfore tiering its prices, is there response to changes in technology and like amazon relies heavily on third party sources to both convey and pack orders to customers also tiering prices. Walmart I would say is typically more convenient as 90% of all walmarts in the US are less than 20 minutes away from all US citizens. So the question comes down too am I willing to spend the extra $20 to get it today or save $20 to get it next week from Amazon shipping assuming shipping is free. In other words Walmart got it right in expanding as they did in bringing in array products near to all of us. Does Walmart have issues, of course they do, so does Amazon. But with a track record of over 60 years and 410 billion in revenue climbing (although slower now) at 3% a year Walmart seems to be doing something right and has paved the way for all retailers. With the economy the way it is of course people are shopping less however in comparison there basket size has increased by almost upwords of 40%. Which makes impulse buys few and far between which is relied upon in these type of stores. So is it really fair to compare Walmart to Amazon? Yeah Amazon is showing some pretty hefty increases in revenue but at 20-30 billion a year, is it safe to compare that to Walmart? I think not. Walmart has the buying power to do whatever they want however when your number 1, when your the example, its hard to come up with new things that are Earth shattering. Oh wait they already have...

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