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February 02, 2011


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Excellent article!!!

Even though the very personal events and experiences are shaping us personally we are embedded in a larger carpet of movement.

Sensing the shift in emergence and talking about it via various communication streams, is what brings people together to get in action.

Glad to be part of it in the moment. Almost 10 years as part of a flood crisis.

... great and disrupting times are closely ahead of us, we as individuals and communities (whether in business or society in general) will have to adapt or otherwise we are doomed to fail. Collective action and knowledge will count more than in the past.

Bernd Nurnberger

Yes. Quite the natural progression, for those that have seen the power of self-organization at work. Wonderfully inspiring case studies at
See also Wave Riders by Harrison Owen, the finder of open space technology that grew into the unconference format.

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