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March 10, 2011


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Coach Purses

I couldn't agree with you more! And thanks for the blog award! I'm just thrilled to receive this award from you. I'll be sure to keep this blog an interesting place for my awesome readers, such as yourself, to keep coming back to!

Jim Hays

Spot on, Steve!
In particular, your comment about the importance of an outside/in versus inside/out culture is critical.
I am currently witnessing a big, well-known technology company really struggle with this one.
In roughly the same period of time that their stock hit a new 52-week low, IBM's stock hit a 52-week high. So the problem is not due to an industry-wide trend in the tech sector. It will be interesting to see how this organization manages to navigate the shifts that you outlined.
Thanks for yet another terrific blog article!

Health News

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Nike shox

Great! We finally see star luo he too handsome so cool I love him to death cough up...

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When it comes to alarm systems, do you still need a telephone line to have your system monitored by a central station? Will it work with VOIP.

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Coach Outlet

My take is that the problem is not so much that Agile and Scrum don't t scale. We now have many examples of large-scale implementations of Agile.

ADT Security Miami

@Health News
Wait....what? Not sure if complimenting or flaming there...

new era hats

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